Tapas Nights are Back……..

We had another fantastic tapas evening on Friday night; our first for January with some more feedback that we are proud of.

Our chef, Ben, prepared a set menu ready for the evening. At £25 per person, we offer a tapas selection to suit all tastes. Friday’s menu consisted of patatas bravas, prawns in garlic, chorizo in red wine sauce, calamari, roasted peppers, meat balls in spicy tomato sauce, tortilla, monchego cheese and meat platter. The dessert on offer was a lovely chocolate tart in butter pastry, which was a small supplement.

We have a wine list to suit all tastes. Wine is traditionally the ideal accompaniment for tapas food but we have a selection of beer and of course we have 11 gins to choose from too and these have been very popular.

Historically, tapas food originated in Spain, where there are various legends. The first one I found was that of King Alfonso 10th. He was taken ill and could only consume small portions of food and wine. This could be where tapas came from, as the definition according to ‘The Spanish Academy’ is “a small portion of any food to accompany a drink.”

Another myth is that the King during a long voyage at sea, arrived at a restaurant, which served cheese on top of wine to protect it from bugs and dust. This was known as a ‘tapadera’ and was not usually consumed, but the King ate it anyway and from then on asked for ‘tapas’ with his wine everywhere he went.

There are other legends- mostly revolving around farmers and workers who consumed small portions of food and wine throughout the day to sustain them during their long working hours on farms.

Today, tapas, replaces more formal dining of larger meals with a more informal, small plates of food, which is shared, enhancing the sociable aspect of dining out.

At D & B, we love the sociable and informal aspect of this kind of dining. It fits in well with our daytime café/bistro model; informal, laid back atmosphere, with food that is tasty and freshly made with the best local ingredients. According to our customers, the best place to meet socially and enjoy good food and drink.